Richie Santosdiaz is an economic development expert in the context of management consulting strategy and implementation

Economic Development and Diversification

Strategy | Implementation | Managed Services | Capability Development | Academia

Particularly around Agriculture, Tech, Fintech, Creative Industries and more in the wider context of international trade and foreign direct investment (FDI)

Understanding the challenges in boosting job and economic growth in challenging environments

Economic Development at Santos-Diaz Advisory - Powered by Richie Santosdiaz

Navigating the challenges of tomorrow strategically

Santos-Diaz Advisory is powered by Richie Santosdiaz, an economic development advisor who has worked extensively across five continents with a particular focus on international trade and foreign direct investment (FDI)

Santos-Diaz Advisory is confident with its unique experiences in the field.

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Our Strengths


Economic development across government territories, as well as in the private sector, requires a practical and thorough strategic plan


Strategies need to come to life and not just collect dust on a table.

Managed Services

Operating a vision after its implementation is important to ensure a sustainable long-term initiative is maintained