Richie Santosdiaz

What Santos-Diaz Can Provide

Santos-Diaz Advisory can work across management consulting, commentary/media and also even in the wider community (in particular with mentoring as well as academia)

Management Consulting

Having over 15+ years across strategic consulting (ex-PA Consulting from London), Richie Santosdiaz has worked across a wide range of clients mainly in the public sector across strategy, implementation and managed services. Santos-Diaz Advisory is open to supporting consulting projects where the likes of Richie Santosdiaz can be used with his senior-level experience that spans across five continents.

Here is a sample of some of the consulting work that has been done that is shareable:

  • Strategy, Implementation and Managed Services across a government trade department that helped to boost trade and investment to Europe (lasted 2.5 years)
  • Supported in a capability development project across a government department in Europe that helped learn both technical job skills training in international trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) as well as interpersonal skills
  • Deployment at the Mayor of London’s international business programme to help boost international trade for London small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in fintech, tech, creative industries, life sciences and urban sectors.
  • Architected a strategy and oversaw an implementation of a strategy in advertising for an entire country in the Middle East
  • Developed a strategy for selling public city assets for sponsorship and naming rights for a country in the Middle East
  • Worked as an advisor/contract with other prestigious firms at the MBB-level and big four
  • Helped develop and oversaw an accelerator programme

Commentary and Media as Experts

Mainly with Richie Santosdiaz’s background he regularly comments in the context of economic development across various mechanisms – television, online, print to name a few. This puts Richie uniquely placed as he not only consults but is an external commentator in the media as well.


  • Sitting as an Economic Development Advisor with a focus on emerging markets and economies for The Fintech Times and Fintech Power 50 – two global fintech media outlet brands (ongoing)
  • Various guest posts on major global outlets such as, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Bureau International des Expositions (BIE)
  • Speaking opportunities as host / keynote / moderator / speaker with various trade shows and clients such as Fintech Week London 2021, Visa Everywhere Initiative, Fruit Logistica, Gitex, Microsoft, WION Global Summit 2022 – to name a few.

Community (Mentoring & Academia)

From mentoring the wider startup, small & medium enterprise (SME) community to large multinationals, as well as adjunct lecturing and guest lecturing university students at both undergraduate and masters level, economic development advisor Richie Santosdiaz is also keen to engage with the wider community. Sample of work he has done includes:

  • Mentor for the Mayor of London’s International Business Programme now based in Dubai (2018 – ongoing)
  • Mentor for the Dubai Chamber of Commerce (2021 – ongoing)
  • Adjunct Lecturer in London with the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) (2015-2017) – taught mainly a course called “British Business in a European Context”
  • Adjunct Lecturer with the SP Jain School of Global Management (2021) – taught a course called “Business & Global Economy”
  • Guest lectured a course on “Global Crises” with IIM Lucknow in India